County Kildare Orchestra

County Kildare Orchestra

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We welcome new players. If you arecurrently playing with another group or a lapsed player keen to start up again then please get in touch.


The guideline standard for being a member of CKO is ability at Grade 5 and above. There is currently no formal audition, rather we ask for your commitment to uphold and exceed our standards.

Rehearsal- The Orchestra rehearses once each month. A list of dates for this season are available here. We are based at Castletown House, Celbridge, Co. Kildare. 

At rehearsal you will need a music stand and a pencil. Refreshments are provided at break times but you are welcome to bring a packed lunch if you wish. We have hot water but there are no microwave/ reheating facilities.

We hope you will enjoy playing with us- everyone is friendly so just say hello!

Please text a committee member if you can't make rehersal. This allows us to plan rehearsals effectively and saves time and money.

Your commitment: CKO’s mission is to play the greatest music to the widest audience. We value team work, professionalism, value for our audience and we take personal pride in our work.

In practise this means that you should:


-be prepared to work as part of a team

-practise your music

-contact us if you cannot come to a rehearsal

-be punctual

-take a professional approach: be proactive and positive, learn from your mistakes, take pride in what we can achieve together.

-ensure you are organised for rehearsal

-inform yourself of Orchestra announcements by checking the website and/ or facebook page

-communicate with the Committee if you have any difficulties


Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.
Ludwig van Beethoven